Double Sides Comb

Double Sides Comb

$14.97 $29.95

Feature:This double side brush has a anti-slip handle ,The brush designed for pet using,
round pin side use for brushing away the loss hair
and the bristle side gently messages on the fur and skin.
Color :Red
Size :

1. Combing order: starting from the neck ,front to back, up to down in turn.
Comb from the neck to the shoulder ,and then turn to the back, chest ,waist, abdomen, rear, then comb the hair ,and finally the feet and tail.
2. Combing method: Combing quickly and gently along the hair .For the long hair dogs, you should comb coat by coat.
Turn up the long hair and comb the under coat.
3. Non -sticky and flexible material, easy to clean yourself and your pets

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